Many people often point to serial entrepreneurs, arguing that business instincts aren’t learned but inherent. Unfortunately, there are many things wrong with that assumption. Business is a vast and extensive discipline, comprising numerous sub-fields. These sub-fields form operational departments that perform tasks to support an organization’s existence. Assess any organization you want. You’ll likely see its operational tasks broken down into various subcategories. These include marketing, finance, supply chain, information technology, management, and human resources. Altogether, these areas help organizations thrive and prosper.

Considering how vast and expansive business is as a discipline, you’ll need to learn the fundamentals of the field to apply them in the real world. While it’s true that some people are blessed with inherent business acumen, learning proper business fundamentals can help individuals make more valuable contributions and informed business decisions.

Business studies is an academic subject taught at many levels, starting during elementary and high school. It combines various topics that provide students with a general overview of running a business. Most higher education business courses revolve around business administration and management. These courses and programs delve deeper into the managing and administering elements of a business, integrating the various subcategories mentioned earlier.

Since business is a broad discipline, it’s not uncommon for students to struggle with a sub-field or another. Students who enjoy numerical and computational subjects might flourish in finance and accounting but face difficulties with marketing and human resources. Likewise, students with a more subjective and qualitative approach might be drawn to human resources and marketing.

If that rings true for you, you have no reason to worry. Many students often stress about their grades and don’t seek the necessary help. However, Tutorjoint can help you excel in the business disciplines that you find daunting. Our expert tutors are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. You can find the ideal tutor for you - whether you need group lessons or one-on-one tutoring - by filtering through our website. You can also select tutors based on hourly rates, certifications, specialties, etc.

Sub-Disciplines Tutorjoint Can Help You Cover


Accounting is a fundamental part of the business world. Businesses are profit-making enterprises, and the reality is that you can’t profit while hemorrhaging money. Accounting is a broad field with numerous sub-areas, including cost accounting, tax accounting, financial accounting, management accounting, etc.

Most colleges and schools require students to take several accounting courses, even if they don’t plan to specialize in it. These introductory accounting courses are crucial to help business students develop a concrete understanding of cost management in the real world.

Unfortunately, accounting can often be challenging for many students. If you’ve ever taken an accounting class before, you’ll know how challenging it can be for some students. There’s nothing worse than sitting in the middle of the examination hall, clutching your forehead, as you try to assess why your balance sheet doesn’t equate. Likewise, income statements, cash flow statements, and bank reconciliation statements are also known to haunt many students.

Then, there are also reversing and adjusting entries for students to worry about, which isn’t fun. Naturally, it’s easy to see why so many students struggle with accounting courses and programs. Fortunately for them, they have nothing to worry about because Tutorjoint is here to help. Our expert accounting tutors can help you ace your courses without concerns. Whether you need assistance with your accounting courses, exams, or homework, you can rely on our tutors to get you up to speed. Our tutors are available round the clock and can help students of all skill and study levels. Schedule a one-on-one tutoring session with our accounting tutors today. Alternatively, sign up for a group lesson.


Nothing encapsulates the American dream like the spirit of entrepreneurship. Starting a business from scratch with nothing but an idea embodies American principles. Most Americans have a favorable view of entrepreneurship because it means chasing your dreams. You’re not working for anyone else but yourself. Your business is like your offspring. You invest your mind, body, spirit, and soul into it, hoping to see it grow and flourish.

Entrepreneurship isn’t for the faint-hearted. You’ll often see people argue that entrepreneurs are born, not created. But that’s not true. Entrepreneurship requires an impressive understanding of business principles. Otherwise, your fledgling startup will crash and burn before ever taking off.

Many colleges and business schools offer entrepreneurship classes and programs. These are specifically designed to help students learn about starting and scaling businesses. You’ll also learn about numerous essential entrepreneurship principles in these programs, like the bird-in- hand, affordable loss, crazy quilt, lemonade, and pilot in the plane principles.

While some people are more naturally inclined toward entrepreneurship than others, they still need to learn. Tutorjoint has numerous entrepreneurship tutors who can help you ace your college or business school’s programs. They’ll help you grasp simple and challenging concepts with relative ease. You can schedule one-on-one study sessions or group lessons with our tutors to ace your entrepreneurship classes and strengthen your entrepreneurial spirit.


Marketing is one of the most well-known fields of business. It’s arguably the best-known because marketing plays a crucial role in today’s world. The sub-discipline has evolved tremendously in the past decade or two, ushering in a new era that’s completely different from the marketing of the past.

Traditional marketing models and mediums like billboards, newspapers, flyers, print, and television have all taken a back seat to the internet. The advent of social media has also dramatically altered the marketing landscape, changing how businesses, and even individuals, market products and themselves.

Marketing has always been an important sub-discipline because it affects people’s perception of a product, service, or brand. For instance, think about the largest corporations worldwide. Companies like Apple, McDonald’s, and Disney are all worldwide brands largely due to their marketing success. These companies create a need for consumers to purchase their goods and services.

The internet and social media have created the era of digital marketing, which has seen exponential growth. Social media marketing and affiliate marketing have also become common in today’s digital era, requiring students to master these concepts. Exponential growth, naturally, results in fierce competition, meaning you’ll need to grasp marketing concepts completely to outperform others and get a good grade.

It’s not uncommon for most colleges and schools to introductory-level marketing courses to students who aren’t specializing in it. While these marketing courses are relatively straightforward, some students often require additional assistance to secure their desired grades. Tutorjoint is the ideal learning platform for these students because we have numerous tutors who can help you. Whether you’re looking to learn more about traditional marketing channels, digital marketing avenues, or marketing strategies, you can rely on our expert tutors. Our marketing tutors will help you with your marketing classes, homework assignments, and exam preparation. The best thing about Tutorjoint is that we have numerous tutors who can assist students of all skills and education levels. It’s only natural that students studying MBA- level marketing classes will have different needs than undergraduate finance students. Regardless, our platform serves everyone.

Tutorjoint has numerous marketing tutors who can help you ace your college or business school’s programs. They’ll help you grasp simple and challenging concepts with relative ease. You can schedule one-on-one study sessions or group lessons with our tutors to ace your marketing classes.

Personal Finance

One of the people’s long-held complaints against the education system has been the lack of personal finance classes and programs. Most people assume that personal finance skills are easily acquired, but that’s rarely the class. Managing your personal finances is an art that requires discipline. It’s also something that requires experience.

Teaching young adults about the importance of money is essential because it promotes financial literacy. It enables them to embed finance standards into their personal lives, leading to experiential learning.

Most personal finance courses often cover numerous topics, ranging from credit and credit cards to taxes and utility payments. Many personal finance courses will also cover other essential areas like apartment hunting and assessing rental options.

Tutorjoint has excellent personal finance tutors to help you learn crucial financial literacy skills that will continue proving useful in your later life. You can learn financial planning and literacy at your pace because our teachers are available round the clock, meaning you can select class timings that suit you. In addition, you’ll find numerous one-on-one tutoring and group lesson classes on Tutorjoint. You can choose the ideal lesson setting based on your preferences.

Master Your Business Classes with Tutorjoint

Tutorjoint is an online learning platform that can help you grasp business concepts. We have numerous business tutors that provide online teaching classes at your convenience. You can select your time slots and get to work. If you’re a night owl, you might prefer the evening. Well, Tutorjoint allows you to do precisely that.

The best part about Tutorjoint is tailoring learning to your preferences. Our business tutors provide one-on-one teaching classes and group learning classes. You can search our website to find one-on-one tutors with teaching styles that suit you.

24/7 Online Business Help

Our tutors are ready to help you at a moment’s notice. You can examine our list of tutors and select one that suits your preferences. You can filter tutors by their hourly rates, qualifications, specialties, timings, etc.

Tutorjoint is proud to state that we have tutors available round the clock, meaning you don’t have to worry about receiving business help during the odd times of the day. Let’s assume you have an important exam tomorrow for your financial modeling class. You can use our platform to find a tutor to help you cover crucial topics the night before. There’s no need to stress about game theory or elasticity concepts because our tutors have you covered. Since our tutors are available round the clock, you can set a comfortable pace for yourself, ensuring that you learn the concepts adequately. Tutorjoint is the ideal platform for students because help is never more than a single click away.

Boost Your Business Grades

Students often worry about their grades. The education system has conditioned students to believe that grades are the determining factor for their futures, placing enormous pressure upon them. While this is partly true, students often stress themselves to the detriment of their mental and physical well-being. Fortunately for students, there’s no need to worry anymore. Tutorjoint’s tutors are ready to assist you at a moment’s notice, helping you improve your grades. Whether you’re struggling with the most advanced business classes in a graduate program or entry-level courses in an undergraduate program, you can rely on our tutors for help. Our tutors are well-versed in various sub-disciplines, including finance, supply chain, marketing, human resources, etc. The best thing about Tutorjoint is that help is only a few clicks away. You can opt for personalized one-on-one tutoring or enroll in group classes. Your convenience is our priority at Tutorjoint.

One-on-One Business Tutoring

One-on-one business tutoring is perfect for students that require personalized help with challenging business concepts. Our expert tutors will work with you to improve your understanding of these concepts. They’ll also find related worksheets and exercises to help you cement your concepts.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are an excellent option for people. Taking group lessons also means you’ll have peers who can help you study.

Homework Help

Nobody likes homework. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a kindergartner or a post-graduate student: homework never becomes fun. Most concepts seem straightforward in class as the teacher walks you through them. However, they become increasingly challenging when you’re sitting at home trying to do them yourself.

Fortunately for business students, our tutors can help you with your homework, ensuring you understand the concepts that elude you. Registering for a few sessions with our tutors can get you up to speed with your peers and prevent you from handing in late homework. It’ll also positively impact your grades and your teacher’s perception of your performance.

Are You a Business Expert?

Tutorjoint is committed to improving our platform every day for new learners. However, improving an online learning platform is impossible without having the best business tutors. As a result, we’re always searching for new business experts to sign up as tutors on our online tutor platform. If you would like to teach business concepts online, consider becoming a tutor on Tutorjoint. We have numerous tutoring jobs available. Contact us today to get started.

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