Zoology is a branch of biology that studies extinct and living animals. It focuses on anatomy, physiology, embryology, genetics, evolution classification, habits, behavior, and distribution.

Statistically, animals constitute less than one percent of the world’s biomass. However, the reality is that most of Earth’s animal species remain undiscovered. In addition, many animal species continue to disappear because of climate change before humanity can discover them.

These cause a significant problem because humans are unlikely to learn about animals if they go extinct before discovery. That’s where zoology enters the foray. The biological branch studies extinct and living animals to discover more about the animal species cohabiting the Earth with us.

Most people assume that zoology qualifies students to work in zoos, but the reality couldn’t be farther than that. Zoology requires students to research, perform data analysis, and learn behavioral skills. These skills are highly transferable to most academic and non-academic organizations, including charities, government agencies, universities, and research centers.

Considering zoology’s scope and focus, it shouldn’t surprise you that the branch can often be extremely challenging and intricate. Topics like extinction, evolution, cellular control, genetics, and others cause students many sleepless nights.

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