Environmental science is an interdisciplinary academic field that many consider a branch of science. It combines physics, biology, and geography, intending to study the environment and create solutions to environmental problems.

Environmental science has been around for a long time. The field emerged during the Enlightenment era, integrating natural history and medicine. Today, environmental science uses a quantitative and interdisciplinary approach to understanding and explaining the functioning of environmental systems.

Environmental science has become an increasingly popular field of study for students. As the world becomes more aware of environmental changes and humans’ impact on the Earth, the field has become more widespread. As a result, more students enroll in environmental science programs in colleges and graduate schools.

Most schools generally don’t offer environmental science as a compulsory subject. However, interested students can select the course as an optional subject for extra credit. Since environmental science is an interdisciplinary field that combines multiple sciences and social science branches, it can be quite challenging for students. Topics like pollution prevention and remediation, soil ecology, and marine biology often cause students trouble.

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