Ask any math student about the most difficult mathematical branch they’ve studied, and many will likely mention Calculus. Calculus isn’t for the faint-hearted. However, the reality is that the education system requires students to study Calculus. Therefore, you’re out of luck if you were planning to avoid studying Calculus.

Calculus is a branch of mathematics that focuses on studying continuous change. Many experts have also referred to calculus as the study of infinitesimal or instantaneous change. People often dub it the most important branch of mathematics because all math was static before its invention.

Mathematics could only calculate objects that were perfectly still before calculus was invented. The problem with static maths was that the universe keeps moving and evolving. As a result, mathematical studies couldn’t determine how particles, stars, and matter move and change in real time.

Calculus is an extremely important branch of mathematics offered in nearly every school for several reasons. Firstly, calculus is everywhere. Whether you choose to study economics, medicine, statistics, engineering, or some other discipline, you’ll need to be at least adept at calculus.

Unfortunately, given Calculus’s focus and subject matter, it can be extremely challenging for many students. Common calculus concepts like derivatives, limits, integrals, differential equations, and others are headscratchers for students. As a result, many students are often left perplexed.

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It’s no secret that calculus is challenging. As a result, many students often struggle with calculus because they don’t receive personalized help and individual attention in the classroom. Teachers often try their best, but the truth is that many educational institutions are short-staffed. Teachers cannot give each student adequate attention to help them flourish.

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Teach Calculus with Tutorjoint

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