Programming has become one of the most coveted skills and professions today. It makes sense when considering that we’re living in the digital age. Everything is becoming digitized. E-books first became popular alternatives to paperback and hardcover books. Then, video games became so popular that they became all-consuming for children. Today, most children would happily sit at home and play their favorite game on their consoles rather than go out and toss the ball with their friends. However, it’s not only young minds that the digital age has influenced. Adults have also become reliant on computer software and mobile applications. For instance, maps used to be printed and sold at shops nationwide. Today, Google and Apple Maps have become synonymous with the word itself. People happily look at directions on their phones instead of mapreading like in the old days.

It would be unfair to blame them because technology and innovation have made people’s lives easier. It’s easier to navigate a new city with your trusted Google Maps assistant directing you where to go rather than stopping at every turn to ensure you’ve read the map correctly.

The digital age hasn’t only affected consumers but businesses too. Bookkeeping software solutions, for instance, have made bookkeeping and recordkeeping easier for businesses - large and small. It’s safe to say that today’s modern world is incredibly reliant on computer applications and programs, and rightly so. The digital age has provided countless benefits to organizations and individuals.

These programs help save time, increase productivity, lower costs, and boost efficiency. It would be foolish for anyone to refrain from using these applications and software solutions. People would label them as relics from a bygone age because they refuse to change with the times.

Now, think about how all these programs and software solutions are made. They’re not easy to develop. It takes skill, time, and dedication to build these complicated software solutions and applications that support, if not power, today’s modern world.

That’s where computer programming becomes essential. Computer programming refers to the process of designing and building executable computer programs. It involves various complicated tasks like analysis, generating algorithms, profiling their accuracy and resource consumption, and implementing these algorithms in a programming language for computer processors to read.

Generally, most applications and programs are written in a programming language that programmers understand. The computer’s processing unit then converts the programming language into machine code, which it uses to perform tasks.

Various programming languages exist. Each programming language has a different syntax that coders must learn. Some also have different functions. PHP, for instance, focuses on server-side execution, while JavaScript focuses on client-side development and process execution. Likewise, some programming languages like JavaScript and Ruby on Rails are primarily meant for web development. On the other hand, others like C++ and Java are more suited to developing applications for computers and mobile phones - Java is particularly beneficial for coding for the Android ecosystem.

What Are Algorithms?

Algorithms are often the worst nightmare of any computer science student. By definition, algorithms are a finite sequence of rigorous, well-defined instructions for solving a particular problem. Algorithms don’t include computer code. Instead, they are written so they can be used in different programming languages. Each step of an algorithm must be concise, clear, and unambiguous. In addition, they must define inputs and outputs accurately. Algorithms should also take the most effective approach to solving a problem.

Designing algorithms is often challenging because they’re time-consuming. In addition, they require complex logic.

Programming Languages

Here are some of the most prominent programming languages that coders use today. They include but aren’t limited to the following:


Python is arguably the most popular programming language in the world. It’s often the first programming language many computer sciences and information technology students learn because it allows them to cover crucial computer science concepts. In addition, students also find their Python skills are highly transferrable to other programming languages. Python is a powerful programming language. Yet, it’s easy to learn because it has a simple syntax and a vast library of standards and toolkits and integrates with other programming languages like C++ and C.


If you’ve used the internet, you’ve come across JavaScript working its magic. The language is essential for building interactive websites, meaning virtually everyone uses it. Many coders and programmers refer to JavaScript as the language of the web. While JavaScript is extensively used in website development, it has also become incredibly popular for mobile application development. Some prominent JavaScript libraries like Node.JS have made the language more viable for browser-based applications, meaning the language is no longer confined to the web.

JavaScript has become particularly prevalent since HTML5 emerged onto the scene, replacing Flash as the standard for interactive websites. Today, JavaScript developers are highly demanded by corporations and organizations worldwide.


C++ is an extension of C, the original programming language. C was one of the first programming languages ever developed, serving as the foundation for writing more modern languages like Python, Ruby, and PHP. Unfortunately, C was a low-level programming language and became old in today’s modern world, resulting in the creation of C++. C++ has a similarly complex syntax as C. In addition, it also has numerous features that can make it a challenging first language to learn. However, C++ has numerous advantages, including an extensive library and countless compilers. The language is particularly beneficial for coding systems that run applications rather than applications themselves.

Most modern video games today use C++. Complex simulator programs and advanced software solutions also use C++ because it promises performance and efficiency.


C#, pronounced as C-sharp, is another offshoot of C. Microsoft developed the language to be a faster and more secure variant of the original programming language. Since Microsoft developed it, C# has also completely integrated with Microsoft’s .NET software framework. C# generally has a steep learning curve, making it a challenging language for many students. In addition, it doesn’t offer the same flexibility as C++, Java, or Python. However, it is the go-to language for developing Microsoft and Windows applications. C# also has a .NET framework extension called Mono that’s used for developing mobile applications and video games.

C# has full support from Microsoft, meaning programmers can find extensive libraries, data types, codebases, etc.

The Future of Programming - Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Many experts believe singularity would signal the end of programming. However, most agree that it’s highly unlikely. Human input will still be necessary in most cases to help artificial intelligence grow. AI would work alongside human beings to enhance productivity and efficiency.

Programming will also remain popular in the future because most applications, programs, and systems are becoming cloud-based. Cloud computing continues growing exponentially, meaning there will never be a shortage of programmers in demand.

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Programming has a reputation for being extremely challenging for students. It’s difficult to learn programming and even harder to master it. Many students often gravitate towards programming because it can be extremely rewarding. They can develop video games, software applications, and mobile applications themselves. It’s an intriguing prospect. Unfortunately, programming involves learning about algorithms, arrays, and numerous other concepts that cause many sleepless nights for students. As they advance further, they also must master object-oriented programming, memory management, and various other concepts. As a result, it’s no surprise that many students struggle with programming.

Generally, programming has become an essential concept taught to students in computer science classes in high school. Most computer science classes used to teach students Visual Basic in the old days. However, today, Python and Lua have become common languages taught to students.

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