Chemistry is one of the main fields of science. It studies the properties and behaviors of matter and substance, investigating their reaction. It also aims to understand how different reactions can form new substances.

Chemistry doesn’t confine itself to only studying naturally produced substances and structures. Instead, it also focuses on artificially produced structures. Substances, natural or artificially produced, often have hundreds of different specifies of atoms. Scientists also refer to them as elements. These atoms, in turn, are made from more rudimentary elements.

It’s no secret that chemistry is a challenging field. Ask any college student, and they’ll tell you chemistry is one of the most arduous majors you can choose. Most students often start studying chemistry during their high school years, beginning with simple concepts that help develop a robust foundation for more advanced chemistry courses.

However, sometimes, that isn’t enough. Many students come unstuck when inundated with sophisticated and tricky chemistry topics like Le Chatelier’s Principle, optical isomerism, NMR spectroscopy, etc. Then, there’s also polymerization, oxidation-reduction, and chemical equilibrium. These topics trouble many students and cause numerous sleepless nights.

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Tutor Chemistry with Tutorjoint

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